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Experience Croatia

Discover Croatia’s coastal culture as the Adriatic provides picturesque beaches and exquisite seafood cuisine.

  • Zagreb: Before heading to the coast, take in the country’s capital combining the best of art, gastronomy, and nightlife. Head to the Museum Mimara or meander the endless local galleries to discover the rich artistic culture. Indulge in a late dinner as the city’s nightlife rings with vibrant sounds and local energy.

  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: Wander along wooden footbridges hovering over crystal blue waters through the natural dams that have created a series of lakes, caves and waterfalls.

  • Split and Hvar Isand: Journey to Split and revel in the ancient ruins of Diocletian's Palace built in the late 3rd and early 4th century A.D. From the port of Split, embark on a short boat ride to the island of Hvar. Experience the history through magnificent architecture, juxtaposed with the modern and luxurious yachts that line the harbor. Discover intimate beaches and looming cliffs while sampling from the local seafood restaurants promoting their catch of the day.

  • Dubrovnik: Surrounding the city center, tour the ancient stone walls jetting out into the Adriatic Sea. Relax at an outdoor café or wander the small shops in the pedestrian thoroughfare of Placa. Outside the city, enjoy the majestic landscape of wooded coastlines that run along the many small coves and peninsulas.

Best Time to Travel

For best weather conditions, we recommend traveling to Croatia during the months of April to September.

Itinerary Ideas

Let us customize your trip to Croatia. Start with a sample itinerary below or work with one of our experienced Trip Specialists to design a completely unique program. Many travelers enjoy combining Croatia with other destinations in the region such as Italy and Greece.