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Experience Italy

Lose yourself in a country filled with hidden gems beyond the delicately preserved icons of the Roman Empire.

  • RomeDiscover Italy’s capital and the myriad of cultural, historical, and architectural landmarks. Wander the altars of The Forum, use your imagination at the Coliseum and toss a coin into Trevi Fountain, to request your safe return to the “Eternal City”.

  • Naples: Taste the incredible flavors of Naples, where pizza was born and other culinary masterpieces await. Stroll the seaside walkways and endless art galleries of the Chiaia neighborhood.

  • Pompeii: Explore one of Italy’s most breathtaking archaeological sites that was preserved under the burning pumice stone from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

  • Cinque Terre: Wind your way through these five towns as terraced farms blanket the hillsides. Discover the impossibly constructed communities that rest on cliffs above the vibrant sea waters.

  • Tuscany: Explore the narrow streets of bustling Florence and gaze upon Michaelangelo’s David and the majestic Il Duomo. Venture into the Tuscan countryside, dotted with crumbling villas and charming hillside towns.

  • Amalfi Coast: Head to the Amalfi Coast that looms over the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the array of colorful buildings dotting the coastline in clusters, tucked away in bays and inlets. For the most compelling cities that line this terraced coastline, visit Sorrento and Positano.

  • Venice: Visit this vast and glorious city through its web of waterways and hidden bridges. Marvel at the palaces while strolling lively streets filled with music, galleries, and intimate dining experiences.

Best Time to Travel

While Italy can be a year-round destination due to its many diverse geographical regions, for the best weather conditions we recommend traveling during the months of April to October.

Itinerary Ideas

Let us customize your trip to Italy. Start with a sample itinerary below or work with one of our experienced Trip Specialists to design a completely unique program. Many travelers enjoy combining Italy with other destinations in the region such as Croatia or Switzerland.